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As horse owners, I'm sure we have all traveled hundreds of miles to view a horse, only to find something totally different presented on arrival. When we finally find our dream horse, we spend money on a vetting only to discover it can't pass and the five people prior to you had vetted the same horse with the same result! The careful showjumper seen on the video ballooning every fence up in the wings, within four weeks is clouting poles and couldn't care less, and the most perfectly behaved horse that passed all your trial tests, once home chronically naps and morphs into something psychotic - all because the seller wasn't open and honest with you. You are left deflated, out of pocket and with an unsuitable horse you wish you'd never bought. If this is you then you are not alone, and this is why Top Horses LLC sold in the first year of business 40 horses most destined for top level sport; Grand Prix showjumping or Advanced eventing, and in the first year we have achieved this almost entirely from recommendations and repeat buying clients. 

We do things differently; horses are not made in factories by robots and not every horse suits every person. They are unique people and we believe the key is in making a good horse-client match. This requires considerable fact-finding by us. We fully trial and test each horse before offering it for sale; horses with vices, lack of ability, behavioral or health issues are selected out - they are not offered for sale to our clients. Unlike many sellers we never ‘prepare’ or rap horses, use tricks, cons or clever edits of any kind to exaggerate a horse's ability or make bad horses sound good. The videos you see are accurate representations of the horse. This gives you peace of mind, knowing you are choosing from only honest, straight and correct horses. Since we provide you with information to understand the horse, you can make a correct and informed decision about it. Once home, you already know the horse so you can hit the ground running, make fast and efficient progress and, we hope, enjoy a long and happy relationship together. 



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