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Arezzo 410

 Flashy Chestnut Gelding with lots of white, faxen tail and jumpers tummy spot, 16.1hh. Good xrays. PHENOMENAL GOOD JUMPING – A HORSE SHOWING ALL THE ABILITY FOR ABSOLUTE TOP LEVELS. Strikingly beautiful modern blood type with all the athleticism, elasticity, reach and scope for the biggest tracks and 43% TB he would certainly be my top pick for a highest-level eventing prospect. We are so excited by this young horse, he came to us a fat and unfit totally raw baby having just started lightly under saddle and we have produced him. He has not put a foot wrong since day one and although we have not pushed hun, every time out of the stable he gives us one of those butterfly in the stomach moments showing glimpses of talent that we feel sure he will be a superstar one day. He ticks every box for top level sport: his mindset, his technique, his scope, his desire to jump, his bravery, his trainable character, even his physique and movement with such a good canter is exactly right, he’s even beautiful to the eye! Literally everything about him is a natural born winner. He is quite a character too, a sweetie in the stable he loves attention and is always wanting you to give him kisses. He is the horse you look forward to tacking-up because he will put a smile on your face. He loves his work and you really feel he is trying his heart out to please you. He is still not fully fit, so whilst he looks a podgy pony in the videos you could not be more wrong – this horse is a competition weapon and the more you ask of him so he grows in stature to show what he’s really made of. No fence is too big for this horse and he’s so gymnastic he can skip effortlessly through any grids and jump any fence, big small or wide as you like and he’ll figure it all out. Such incredible natural talent its been a pleasure to see this boy develop from the start. He is show ready and perfect for all the young horse age classes, Vilamoura tours, etc, etc. Incredibly well bred; his father Arezzo (Chin Chin x Heartbreaker – says it all!) is one of VDL’s star pupils and jumps internationally at 1.60m Grand Prix. The damline is just as good: highly awarded throughout the mother is awarded Keur and IBOP jumping and his two half siblings already jump internationally at 1.50m and 1.55m level. The grandmother is also Keur, Preferent and Prestatie awarded and has a child doing 1.50m level plus 2x more who made it through to the 2nd of 3 rounds of the stallion approvals. The great-greatgrandmother is Ster, Preferent and Prestatie awarded, etc etc….I can go on but suffice to say this boy if from the famous Daula stamm so it is no surprise he is as talented as he is. Suitable for almost every type of rider amateurs, riders off the ponies through to professionals, and I’m sure he will go to the top if showjumping, eventing or even equitation classes.


Dam's Sire:Indoctro
Date of X-Rays:2019
Price Range:
Location:Holland Price includes import to USA

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