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Arko III 408

If you are an amateur and just want to have some fun what do you do? This girl is as sweet as they come. she loves to jump and although she is lacking ring miles she will always try hr best and give 110%. She was a broodmare until 7 months ago when the owners decided to bring her in and start riding. She caught on quickly and is now ready to begin her show career. Bred to jump with her two 1/2 siblings making their mark currently in the 1.40m rings. Grandmother left one 1.50m jumper and a 1.60m jumper. No reason why this girl although behind her age shouldn’t catch on fast and follow their tracks.

Sire:Arko III
Dam's Sire:Singular Joter
Date of X-Rays:2017
Price Range:
Location:Germany- Price includes import to NY

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