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FOR LEASE ONLY!!!! Gentleman seeking a child who will love him as much as he deserves. Brego has been very successful with his amateur owner on the 1..10m circuit. Lately he was showing at WEC Ocala and placed in the 1.10m out of huge fields of contestants. This guy is the perfect schoolmaster or confidence giver for any amateur , timid rider or child off the ponies all whilst enjoying the ride. Do not let his age scare you a sin this case age is only a number. He will always jump, point and shoot, non spooky and really really just an all around super sweet guy. For more info please reach out to Kris Killam on (402) 926-1813

Dam's Sire:
Date of X-Rays:
Price Range:$20k to $30k
Location:Ocala, FL

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