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Cascadello 745

This guy is a solid citizen, do-gooder type that will have no problem developing into wonderful and extremely useful partner in the hunter ring. He has a large rhythmic step and moves very nicely, he could certainly double in the derby ring as well.

Not only does he have the looks and the ability, but he’s just a genuinely nice guy with zero spook and nonsense. A lot of boxes are not only checked but exceeded with this one: 16+ but not a giant, flashy modern build, good brain, sweet character, lovely mover, rhythmic stride that makes distances easy and most of all – a horse that many are looking for right now (and that never goes out of style)!

Dam's Sire:Arpeggio
Date of X-Rays:2020
Price Range:$50k to $70k
Location:Germany- Price includes import to NY

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