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Casquetto 700

**BULLETPROOF SCHOOLMASTER FOR EVERY AMATEUR/KIDS OFF THE PONIES/NERVOUS NELLY UPTO 1.30M LEVEL** If I said this horse is quite literally a point and steer ride and can be ridden and jumped by a tiny tot child bareback then I am not exaggerating! Do not confuse her with a donkey though, she has quality and blood enough (47.5% TB) for the meatier 1.30m/1.40m tracks and will carry anyone around the 1.20’s or 1.30’s. Owned by a private family most of her life she has done a bit of everything. Totally and utterly safe in every environment whether to manage at home, with the farrier or vet, to take away to shoes, gallop around the fields or hack in the woods, even with other animals including her current friend Mr.Chicken! This mare is the perfect partner to slot into a family life and become a big part of it. Same home last 6yrs she has competed up to 1.20m registered results and upto 1.30m on unofficial shows taking a young girl from a novice up to this level. Her flatwork is exceptional making pleasure riding in the school or a canter along glass verges safe and fun, and dressage or eventing competitions possible even to bring home rosettes. For jump competitions she knows her job inside out meaning you can simply steer and she does everything else, or if you are feeling more advanced she will allow you to place her accurately. From a superb damline she is also interesting to breed a foal at some point so if you have an idea to produce your own youngstock then this mare has everything; Holst stamm 2543 – a very, very good line. Her mother jumped 1.35/1.40m herself and her half-sister is currently jumping 1.35/1.40m GP. The Grandmother is of particular note producing a 1.60m GP jumper and the very well respected approved breeding stallion Carat! A character to adore she is gentle and sweet and loves human attention. She is for sale only because of financial reasons. Never sick, sorry or unsound she has given the current owners many years of happy memories and they ask we find her a new owner where she will be treasured also. I have no doubt there are plenty of you out there to give this darling of a mare her next loving home.

Dam's Sire:Clearway
Date of X-Rays:
Price Range:Sale Pending
Location:Germany - Price includes import to NY

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