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Cassilio 445

Beautiful mover for hunters, equitation, jumpers or dressage. He has three very balanced effortless gaits. Perfect form over jumps and rhythmic canter. Jumps confidently. Temperament is a 4, safe for any rider, in any environment. Takes care of his riders. Junior and amateur friendly. Safe riding out alone and with horses.  No spooking, bucking or rearing. Perfect gentleman for the farrier, vet, clipping, trailering, bathing and being tied. Loves being around other horses and being in the show environment. Very sweet personality loves a good cuddle. Currently doing 1.15m with placings and with the talent to advance higher.

Dam's Sire:Correro
Breed:Polish WB
Date of X-Rays:
Price Range:
Location:Poland- Price includes import to NY

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