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Crunch 645

**TOP AMERICAN HUNTER PROSPECT** Owned by a good friend of mine who purchased this lovely mare from the Holstein auctions, sadly he is very tall and she just isn’t going to grow big enough for his stature. Extremely good jumping this mare is a powerhouse over a big fence! Enough scope and athleticism for higher levels pure showjumping and 43% TB I think she is equally a very exciting eventer or American Hunter jumping naturally with knees up and forwards and moving with a floaty flat knee and a calm laid-back temperament. As the fences get bigger so she rises to the occasion. The video of her ridden was at just 2wks under saddle, she has been foot perfect through the backing process with no bad or naughty behaviors. In the stable she is kind and sweet and accepting of everything that is asked of her. I think she represents an easy backing project for all amateurs with half reasonable horse experience. American Hunter producers this mare is such a good candidate for you to add value to. Incredibly pretty face and overall a lovely model the pictures of her in her winter woollies don’t do her justice. As well as being a competition focused purchase, she is from the very successful Holst stamm 162 so breeding is certainly an option for her. Her dam is too young to have offspring showing results yet but the grandmother has 2x approved breeding stallion children and another 2x children jumping Grand Prix. This is an incredibly strong motherline, I see literally countless GP horses, premium awarded breeding mares and approved breeding stallions scattered throughout the generations. Unusually for many Holstein horses she is high TB at 43% which makes her a refiner mare to any heavier lines.

Dam's Sire:Cancara
Date of X-Rays:
Price Range:Sale Pending
Location:Germany - Price includes import to NY

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