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Dinken 777

This young jumper prospect is going nicely under saddle and ready to start his serious education. He has been lunged under tack and can free jump the standards. Super bascule and possesses a mature awareness of his body when jumping.
Bred extremely well: Dinken X Caretino. From the breeder’s point of view, Dinken’s outstanding performance attitude and ambition are of particular importance, as well as his exceptional jumping aptitude with top-class ability, carefulness, and jumping technique. Caretino was the last of the seven stallion sons of Caletto II to enter the Holstein Studbook. He revealed his top qualities at the stallion performance test, where he received a jumping index of 145 points then went on to win numerous young jumper classes showing his outstanding jumping technique.
These top qualities run strong as this young geldings 1/2 sister is only coming 6 and already jumping 1.20m with ease. His Grandmother has produced two 1.60m jumper with more working their way up the ranks. This guy is meant to be a superstar.
Dam's Sire:Caretino
Date of X-Rays:2022
Price Range:Sale Pending
Location:Germany - Price includes import to NY

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