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Dulf vd Bisschop 386

Gelding with all the ability to jump the biggest tracks. Truly spectacular horse for serious amateurs and professionals. You cannot appreciate the power and sheer ability of this horse from the videos, they really do not do him justice. Comes from the same home since a young horse where he has been backed and produced slowly but on a low-level amateur program  and never pushed to fulfill his potential. Credit to his previous owner however because the schooling on this horse is what you would expect to find on a dressage yard (established and auto flying changes, collection/extension, lateral works etc etc etc) meaning his rideability and adjust ability are exceptional. Totally non-spooky he has been acclimatized to all manner of environments and fences and jumps everything and everything including liverpools and water. I’m sure he would also make a superb eventer. To handle he is a total gentleman, he loves human contact and his scratchies, kisses and cuddles. He is friendly around other horses including during turn-out, and is easy to do in every way; farrier, vet, horsewalker, washdown, loading, mounting, etc etc. Extremely well bred: his half sister competes already at Grand Prix and he is from the Belgian warmblood Prestatie stamm 7 damline producing numerous Grand Prix showjumpers and approved breeding stallions already. This is an extremely capable competition horse for all serious amateurs. If you want a prospect jump at the top of the sport but don’t want to pay six figures for one already there, or maybe you are at 1.20m level and have aspirations to see just how far you can go, then this horse is the man for the job!


Sire:Dulf vd Bisshop
Dam's Sire:Andiamo
Date of X-Rays:
Price Range:
Location:Holland- Price includes import to NY

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