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Eldorado 414

AMATEURS TOP COMPETITION & ALL-ROUND FUN HORSE!! Competitive record jumping easily around 1.20’s and schooling at home to Grand Prix heights with a range of different riders. Comes from a very good address as a baby and then produced slowly and with care by a lower level private amateur lady rider. This boy has immense scope and bravery in abundance and for riders wanting to go up the grades there is no reason why this horse cannot quickly go up the ranks from the 1.20’s he’s been doing and smash the Grand Prixs next year. He is so brave and so forgiving he is a perfect candidate to do equitation classes or even start eventing and at 47% TB he ticks all those boxes. He has seen much of life and has no bad history so he is impeccibly well behaved in all aspects of management whether that be at home (blacksmith, vet, loading, washdown area, mounting, etc), away at shows in a busy hectic environment, hacking, jumping any manner of fences including spookies or pounding the menage for hours on the flatwork, etc. Everything we have asked of this boy he is always willing and happy. The previous owners have spent considerable time on his schooling so he is super easy ride to a fence with a wonderful rhythmical canter base and a butter soft mouth. You can add strides or take out, turn, stop and go, all smooth, effortlessly and without drama making him an ideal horse even for the more novicey of riders. He has all the flatwork basics nailed down including established semi-automatic flying changes and the beginning of lateral movements, etc. He could quite easily go out and do an admirable dressage test tomorrow. He has the most adorable sweet nature, even all the other horses who sniff noses want to be friends with him and you can’t help but fall in love with him. Whether you ride him every day or once a week, he is always the same happy boy. Very well bred out of Holst stamm 7126 and numerous GP showjumpers and dressage horses etc out of this line already. Anyone looking for a high-quality horse to go out competing and win rosettes, then do a bit of everything else in safety and have fun, then this is the horse you should buy. He is a beautiful horse in every way and one to keep for sure. Has been seen to windsuck occasionally at feedtime, hence very low price.

Sire:Eldorado vd Zeshoek
Dam's Sire:Corrado I
Date of X-Rays:2018
Price Range:
Location:Holland Price includes import to USA

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