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Eldorado vd Zeshoek 233

Beautiful horse!! Extremely good jumping, very good moving, very good flatwork, suitable for big track showjumping or top level eventing. Has many, many points at 1.20m/1.25m level with amateur riders and never fails to go out there and do his best. Jumps off a variety of distances (just point and kick), he has all the scope you could want to jump you out of trouble and always does his best to jump clear. He has a lovely adjustable and bouncy canter making him easy to adjust to a fence and is fast against the clock. He is always in contention for the prize money every time he goes in the ring. He is non-spooky, not much bothers him and he would be equally suitable to more timid riders as more professional rider. For eventing he has an excellent walk and a big gallop to open up and cover ground, yet is agile and brave enough to tackle any natural fence questions. A Super sweet horse in the stable, he’s polite and easy to manage in every way; he’s good around other horses to shoe/clip/with the vet, no bother on the horse-walker or the wash-down station, etc etc. This is a super commercial horse to suit any number of customers, for any number of jobs and the type of horse we had twenty of in the stable. Good X-rays.

Sire:Eldorado vd Zeshoek
Dam's Sire:Oliver
Date of X-Rays:1/3/18
Price Range:
Location:Holland - Price Includes Import to the USA

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