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Etoulon 284

VERY GOOD JUMPING/VERY GOOD MOVING/INCREDIBLY WELL BRED! We already have bought and sold a young horse out of this mother and she was very special too. This mare oozes quality and is suitable for any arena: showjumping, eventing or equitation classes. She jumps with all the power, tremendous athleticism and super-fast snap-up reflexes. In the loose-jumping video you can see she is easily jumping a fence at the top of the wings like it’s nothing. Backed by us she has not put a foot wrong and was nicely riding away with walk/trot and canter inside 7days. She has a easy character, is calm, relaxed and workman like in her attitude making training easy. She is not bothered by much in life letting the dramas wash over her, she is excellent around other horses and can be considered more like a gelding than a mare. The dam is half-sister to 2x approved breeding stallions and 3x of her siblings compete internationally at 1.60m Grand Prix. This damline is highly awarded throughout and I find countless Grand Prix showjumpers in her lineage. Anyone who knows their breeding knows Etoulon babies are very hard to come across making this mare with her very strong motherline very interesting and valuable as a breeding mare longterm. Very good price for anyone on a budget looking for a high-quality horse to produce to the higher levels.

Dam's Sire:Lancelot
Date of X-Rays:TBD
Price Range:
Location:Holland Price includes import to USA

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