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Etoulon 332

An absolute FREAK of a jumper. This boy is a superstar in the making and we cannot even begin to describe the potential properly. He is as sweet and easy as they come and wants to do really well. When aimed towards a fence he shows incredible bravery as well as scope. He has the long legged sport horse model which we all so desire and with enough blood to make him last for the longer bigger tracks. His flatwork is well established including flying changes and he loves to be ridden and jumping. When in the barn he is a puppy dog personality and wants to be loved on as much as possible. He would suit an amateur wanting to develop a High AO or a GP mount as well as a trainer wanting a good project to develop and perhaps resell in the future. He is far more stunning in person than pictures or video reveal.

Dam's Sire:Silverstone
Date of X-Rays:2018
Price Range:
Location:Holland Price includes import to USA

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