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F-One 390

PHENOMENAL JUMPER!!! Unbelievable horse with althleticism almost unheard of. She LOVES to jump so much and is so scopey, careful and fast off the floor that she shows-off jumping way over the wings just because she finds everything so easy! I’ve never seen anything like this mare, its truly out of this world. I guarantee we have never done any tricks or “preparing” with her, we never do this anyway but this mare jumps extraordinary just for fun. She has Mohammed Ali lightening-fast footwork, you can’t build a grid that she can’t skip through and power out over, she is so agile and so clever she just works everything out herself and then like a child comes around again wanting to jump some more! This mare has plenty of blood (43.4%) and will make a superstar eventer I’m sure: she has a natural gift for jumping any difficult distances or big meaty fences, and figuring out where her feet and legs should go in tricky combinations. Under saddle she is green still only having been backed a matter of weeks, but is very brave, cooperative and easy with no naughty behaviours, fizz or spook. She has established walk, trot and canter in self-carriage and canter lead changes are coming next. For her age and experience she is super light on her feet and extremely well balanced. It’s hard to get across on video just how “handy” she feels but suffice to say, she gives an incredible feeling under saddle that every rider will appreciate. We have a lot of very good horses through our yard but believe me, this mare is special. I urge any top eventers to buy this mare, no discussion she has that “X factor” natural gift that will get her to the very top. Very well bred: F-One USA (Toulon x Taneglo and out of a 1.50m level GP mother) is a ride of Ben Maher and doing very well on the Grand Prix circuit. He has only a limited number of babies on the floor but some very exciting prospects just starting to show on the showjumping circuit. Damline I know well having already sold several very good horses in the past and one Casco doing very well in the USA. I think this mare is a great buy and at her money I think someone makes a very shrewd investment.

Sire:F-One Usa
Dam's Sire:Corland
Date of X-Rays:2018
Price Range:
Location:Holland- Price includes import to NY

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