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Houston 358

Very flashy Chestnut  Gelding. TOP QUALITY BRING-ON PROJECT FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE. Backed by us, he has been extremely easy at all stages. Really lovely soft mouth, responsive off the leg and everything calm and progressive. Already showing great promise for the lateral and high-school movements. He is naturally balanced and uphill with a great walk, great canter and trot with tremendous range. He gives a superb feeling of power and elasticity that is hard to convey on a video. He thoroughly enjoys his work and when asked to give effort he really puts everything into it, you cannot imagine a more rewarding horse to work with. He has been ridden outside and inside and is not phased by much; dogs, machinery, other horses, he really does not care because when in his work environment he focuses totally on what he is asked to do. For the application of dressage this horse has a mind most trainers wish for. In the stable he is a real softie, he loves his cuddles and makes everyone laugh by trying to get attention and fuss. You could not find a sweeter, nicer young horse than this one. Nicely bred from a damline producing numerous pure dressage horses and also several Grand Prix showjumpers.

Dam's Sire:Special D
Date of X-Rays:2018
Price Range:
Location:Holland Price includes import to USA

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