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Kannan 335

This easy sweet horse is destined for the High AO or the Grand Prixs. He jumps everytime and everything he is aimed towards with no qualms or questions asked. He currently has a lot of miles internationally to 1.40m and has more scope in the tank. He is EXTREMELY well bred our of a dam that herself jumped 1.55m internationally and has after her retirement already produced a 1.60m jumper in his 1/2 brother and another half brother is also performing currently at 1.40m and this is with only 4 children on the ground. His grandmother in turn has besides our boys dam left a 1.35m jumper. This guy is a true gem with impeccable manners and flatwork and all the scope and pedigree that dreams are made of. Priced WELL BELOW true value leaving a good resale opportunity for those who so wish.

Dam's Sire:Darco
Date of X-Rays:2018
Price Range:
Location:Portugal - Price includes all import to NY

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