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Kannan 677

Absolute dream of a horse to own and plenty of quality for the bigger tracks. Would make a fantastic eventer or top flight showjumper. I have seen this horse progress from an unstarted youngster to where he is now. He has been faultless throughout his backing process and every time out of the stable he has learnt from the lesson before and continually shown good things. His flatwork is exceptional and when in the collecting ring he is so striking we have had many people come over to compliment him. He is super athletic over a fence with fast snap-up front end and is good behind, a great brain and desire to jump. He is a truly charming, sweet and uncomplicated young man in every single way, I cannot recommend this young horse highly enough – all amateurs this is the horse you will love!

Dam's Sire:Corland
Date of X-Rays:2017
Price Range:Sale Pending
Location:Germany - Price includes import to NY

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