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Lordanos 709

An absolute gentleman schoolmaster for a junior/amateur looking to move quickly up the ranks in the jumper ring or a great match for someone looking to step into the 1.30m’s tomorrow and have a blast. He’s been a solid citizen most recently for a young adult lady learning to jump bigger and has taken her from cross rails (!) to 1.30m. He can handle a joke, nervous/busy hands and is not spooky at all…he’s a 17.1h teddy bear. This horse being successful in the Big Eq with the right program. He has 1.40m international experience, is not overly spicy, has a large athletic stride and an easy rhythm which could make him an excellent 3’6″ equitation partner.

Dam's Sire:Quantum
Date of X-Rays:2021
Price Range:Sale Pending
Location:Germany - Price includes import to NY

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