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Lordanos 924

This horse is super scopey with  big movements. He has competed in a lot of 4* classes, ranking classes and 1.50m. He has a ton of placings at 1.40-1.45m. He placed in the YR championships and when he was younger he competed in the World Championships or young horses. This beautiful easy horse is the perfect schoolmaster for someone wanting to jump in the 1.40-1.45m classes and ribbon now. He always jumps, never spooks and is a comfortable jump. He was also and approved stallion and one of his 1/2 brothers is successful on the dressage arenas showing in the PSG/Intermediate classes.

Dam's Sire:Contendro I
Date of X-Rays:
Price Range:$70k to $100k
Location:Germany- Price includes import to NY

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