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Mylord Carthago 714

Absolute incredible unicorn for sale. NOT kidding – this horse is one in a million. He has miles to 1.50m and will jump everything as long as you don’t put him in a position where he thinks he might actually DIE. Then like any self conscious horse he will say no thank you and please learn to ride before we try again. His rider unfortunately doesn’t have the same self preservation and will either PARK this guy in a 1.45m – 1.50m fence OR fall off when he tries so hard to clear it he just can’t stick the landing. In my opinion this horse needs saving if nothing else. Due to Covid he only shown unlicensed shows during 2021. so record and price reflects this FYI.

Sire:Mylord Carthago
Dam's Sire:Socrate de Chivre
Breed:Selle Francais
Date of X-Rays:
Price Range:Over $100,000
Location:Portugal -

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