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This horse will make a mark in the future of showjumping. She has a LOT of scope. Is as sweet as can possibly be and moves phenomenally. She has had 2 foals as her breeding is out of this world so she is late to the game as far as riding. She is currently being backed and if all goes to plan should be sat on shortly. Only arrived mid February. You can grab her now or wait til she gets show miles asnd price goes up exponentially. Her siblings are definetely proving themselves on the international arena with one jumping 1.60m, two doing 1.50m and two doing 1.40m with the rest on their way up the ranks. Grandmother has also produced two 1.50m jumpers, two 1.40m jumpers and several 1.30m jumpers. Further back I find more 1.60 and 1.50m jumpers. I have VERY high hopes on this mare and just her broodmare value is out of this world. I rarely come across a horse with THIS many GP horses in her direct dam line. That coupled with Verdi gives this breeding a whoile new meaning for sure. 

Dam's Sire:Corland
Date of X-Rays:Nov 2023
Price Range:$40k to $50k
Location:Ocala, FL

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