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Namelus R 693

BLACK BEAUTY IS HERE!!!! Oh my, this horse is just everything every amateur could wish for. Not only is he stunning to look at but he has jump good enough for the Grand Prix tracks with ten tonnes of scope and such a kind and giving nature he would rescue you from a burning building if he could! No job is too much to ask. He has abilty in abundance, can happily school around 1.30m currently with any rider on his back from your granddaughter to your grandma! He always does his best no matter what. Who can possible ask for more? Not under saddle so long he has quickly learnt the basics and will continue his education until sold. He has a lovely light mouth and flying changes established with just a touch from your leg. He is attentive and clever, you just show him what you want and this boy tries his best to please you. No naughty behaviours or flighty temperament, he is always the gentleman in every environment whether you work him every day or once a week he always is consistent. He can jump fences as big as you can build them, he’s careful and brave and embraces his work with a calm methodical approach. He has very good movement making him suitable for eventing or equitaition classes, his walk overtrack is outstanding! Classically Dutch bred with 42% TB he is blood enough to reach the top in any of the jumping, Hunter/Equitation or eventing disciplines. He is good enough to sell on his ability but what makes him extra special is his character – if you are looking for a high-quality horse for a child off the ponies, or you are a nervous older rider trying to get back into it, look no further than this boy because you’ve found your perfect match with this wonderful chap.

Sire:Namelus R
Dam's Sire:Haarlem
Date of X-Rays:
Price Range:Sale Pending
Location:Germany - Price includes import to NY

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