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Peppermill 250

TOP AMATEURS BOMBPROOF HORSE FOR THE BIGGER TRACKS!!! This gorgeous sweet boy is currently showing 1.20m with an amateur rider and ready to move up to the 1.30’s. His flatwork is exemplary; uphill and beautifully balanced with auto lead changes and a want to please attitude. He has a great rhythmical canter providing the best platform possible to ride to a fence. He is non-spooky and not bothered by pretty much any situation you can put him in. In the stable and to manage he is never a bother and he loves his kisses and cuddles. He is great around other horses, to load, with farrier, vet etc etc. He is as straight-forward as they come and would suit a large range of riders from lower level amateurs to the more serious competition amateurs. He has a lot of scope and potential and besides showjumping he would make an excellent equitation horse, or even pure dressage classes. This is a horse combining serious ability with an uncomplicated easy character and extremely good training ~ he is a rare sort to find.

Dam's Sire:Voltaire
Date of X-Rays:Jun. 1, 2015
Price Range:
Location:Holland - Price Includes Import to the USA

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