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Spartacus 282

EXTREMELY GOOD JUMPING / AMATEUR PROOF / EXTREMELY WELL BRED!! A horse just starting to come into herself now, she has a record at 1.20m and is schooling at home effortlessly over Grand Proix tracks. She is incredibly easy to ride to a fence, is brave and always wants to jump. She is the perfect amateurs horse to bring up through the ranks to jump the big tracks. Equally she is good enough for professions. Lovely nature in every way, you cannot imagine a more uncomplicated horse. Every time out she has a smile on her face and enjoys her work. Whoever buys this mare gets a horse for keeps. The dam jumped 1.35m herself and has 2x 16.0m horses, a 1.50m horse and a 1.30m horse. The grandmother jumped 1.40m herself and has a child doing 1.50m. The greatgrandmother has 2x 1.40m horses and a 1.35m horse. The great-greatgrandmother has 2x approved stallion children. Our mare therefore makes a very interesting and valuable broodmare project for the longterm. The videos of this mare do not do her justice; she is way more beautiful than we have captured and if only we could get across how wonderfully light and agile she feels under saddle and of course her personality. I can honestly say, this mare will make everyone extremely happy.

Dam's Sire:Pilox
Date of X-Rays:5/23/2018
Price Range:
Location:Holland Price includes import to USA

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