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Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve 342

EXTREMELY GOOD JUMPING/VERY GOOD MOVING/INCREDIBLY WELL BRED. 51.37% TB BLOOD – would also make a top flight eventer! From the breeders field he was raw when he came to us and has just started under saddle with lunge and two lines and rider “over”. He has such a lovely nature and attitude that he has progressed extremely quickly and not put a foot wrong since day one. Anyone who wants a high-quality straightforward baby to put their own stamp on and take up through the ranks then this is the horse for you. He is brave, cooperative with a level head and a “can do/will do” attitude. His stallion full brother is already stepping up the the Grand Prix’s so is his half sister and another of his full brothers. We bought/sold his full brother and I can confirm this horse is easily as good or better. Bred in the purple, his pedigree reads like a VIP list! From a highly decorated damline with countless GP jumpers and dressage horses produced so far. Unquestionably this horse is destined for the top in either showjumping or eventing disciplies.

Sire:Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve
Dam's Sire:Voltaire
Date of X-Rays:2017
Price Range:
Location:Holland Price includes import to USA

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