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Untouched 435

This young stunning horse with all the chrome you could ask is one of the most laid back characters in the barn you will come across. He is currently showing 1.35m and doesn’t look at a thing every time out so far. He is now ready to do 1.40m. He stands for vet, farrier and clippers (with a drop of sedation). When ridden he has a butter soft mouth and a really really good well balanced canter. He has  automatic lead changes. For such a  big horse he doesn’t turn hot or silly but yet shows enough blood and potential to advance to a very high level of jumpers. He is not the kind of horse that jumps one meter over the fence but he is careful and use the power enough to pass over it clean and beautiful. He has a big canter and would easily make the lines and still jump clean in a jump off. He has all the qualities to go to top level for sure and could also succeed as a top level equitation horse. Horses of this caliber doesn’t come around very often so this is a diamond in the rough for sure. Scope wise he should go to the very top. Lovely easy character and forgiving of mistakes. His flatwork is exemplary. Has been with a professional for past few years but is so easy an amateur can ride him. Incredibly well bred with his full brother through an embryo transfer was just sold to McLain Ward. We have very high hopes for this gorgeous horse that would be suitable either in the EQ ring or the jumpers.

Dam's Sire:Burggraf
Date of X-Rays:2017
Price Range:Sale Pending
Location:Germany Price includes import to USA

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