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Import a Champion

Whether you’re looking for a young prospect or a seasoned Grand Prix Show Jumper, Top Horses, LLC will provide you with the accurate assessment and peace-of-mind to make an informed decision, bringing you closer to your dream horse. Please feel free to ask any questions you feel aren’t answered on the website or if you want more info on any horse in particular. We are here to help ease the nervousness with buying online.


With TopHorses LLC the while buying process is as easy as it is shopping on Amazon.

Firstly you will need to tell us what horse(s) you are interested in and we can provide you with all the vital information such as best suitable for, character, ability, show records and price. Any additional photos and videos can be made within reason and where required.


Once that is all sounding good to you we can send you breed papers and X-rays for you and your veterinarian to assess. Additional X-rays can be arranged at Clients cost.


Once this is all done to satisfaction a contract will be signed between you and Top Horses, LLC.


When the contract is signed and the horse is fully paid for we will proceed to do a rigorous 5 stage Sporthorse vetting with full flexions, lungeing on a hard surface and blood samples taken FOR storage. Should you require blood samples to be tested for prohibitive we can, of course, do so at your cost.


If we are all in agreement at this stage we proceed in doing export paperwork, the horse gets transferred to quarantine and prepared for arrival to the USA.


Upon arrival horse will be released with all necessary health papers and Coggins for you to bring your new equine partner home. Click here to check out our list of reliable US horse transportation companies that have been recommended by our clients.