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Import a Champion

Top Horses, LLC is quickly gaining worldwide recognition for matching US equestrians with their perfect European riding partners to achieve their dreams of competing at top levels of the sport in Hunters, Eventing and predominantly Show Jumping.

By methodically and rigorously testing each horse and handling all aspects and costs associated with importation and quarantine, Top Horses, LLC eliminates the fear, uncertainty and potential disappointment of buying a horse oversees.

Less than 3% of the horses we encounter meet our strict criteria for what qualifies a horse to be considered a Top Horse. Our knowledge, experience and honest representation devoid of exaggerating a horse’s abilities, are the contributing factors that have lead to our rapid success almost entirely from word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat customers.

Whether you’re looking for a young prospect or a seasoned Grand Prix Show Jumper, Top Horses, LLC will provide you with the accurate assessment and peace-of-mind to make an informed decision, bringing you closer to your dream horse.

Latest News

Lacoste scored BIG TIME

Buffalo – N.Y. – Sept. 12, 2019 – The 73rd edition of the Buffalo International Horse Show (BIHS) continued Thursday at the Buffalo Therapeutic...

Zones 1 & 2 Junior/ Amateur Owner Team Jumper Champion Team Gold -Stephanie Dixon / Valenzia / Ringoes, NJ

Gangster does it again

Gangster places second in the Tampa Grand Prix only two weeks after winning Aiken Grand Prix.

Gangster does it almost

Gangster and Kris Killam places 2nd out of a big field at Wednesdays $5,000 Welcome stakes in Ocala.

Skyfall takes Champion at WEF

With their wins in the low Junior Jumpers and their win in the Low Junior Jumper Classic the next day !! Skyfall and Caroline take home the champion...

Skyfall does it AGAIN

Caroline and Skyfall places  5th in the NAL low junior jumper classic at Pennsylvania.

Skyfall does it Again

Skyfall absolutely flew to victory in the Bluegrass 1.30m stakes out of a field of 80 with his rider Camille Maynard

Top Horses Top Country Heir!!!

Skyfall, owned by Caroline Michele Dugas was piloted by Camille Maynard to the top of the 10k 1.35m Half Million Dollar Classic at...

Skyfall wins the $10,000 1.35m Class

Camille Maynard and Skyfall wins the $10,000 1.35m class in Lexington, Kentucky in June 2018.

Top Horses Top Placings

La Luciole and Gangster CHS places 1st and second in the 1.25m $7500 class at Fox Lea on January 20th, 2018. La Luciole was sold by TopHorses in...

Show Results

Lacoste places in Derby

Lacosate and Jamie Bates places 7 out of 30 amazing horses in the USHJA National Hunter Derby July 14, 2019

Emiel step up Big time

Hallie Lynne Davis and Emiel (Aka Tiny) takes a final 6th place in the Zone 3/4 jumper championships. After 3 days and 4 courses sixth finished with an incredible 6th place overall. Very proud of this former TopHorse and how far he has come. 

It’sMe goes Prelim

It's Me (Murphy) and Beth Murphy scores a very respectable 4th place finish in their first Prelim together at Groton Park Horse Trials

Himalay VDL scores big

Himalay VDL wins the 1.30m 7yo's in Vermont. Big congratulations on this incredible youngster.

Experience Scores

Experience and Kris Killam places 4th in Ocala in a field of 40+ horses.

7yo Finals for Valegro 7

Valegro 7 and Kris Killam proceeded to the finals of the 7yo Young Jumpers in Kentucky after not having jumped this height for almost a year.

Butterfly and Eleanor places 11th

Eleanor and Butterfly places 11th in NAL high children’s finals in Pennsylvania.

Monmouth at the Team

Elando HZ took 3rd, 6th, and 8th out of 25 in the Gladstone Hunters at Monmouth at the Team, at USET. I could not be more proud, thank you for finding me my unicorn. - Christine Conte

Gangster does his first Grand Prix

Gangster and Kris did their first National Grand Prix at Fox Lea in July 2018. They placed 10th out of a big field.

Skyfall keeps racking up the Blues

Caroline Dugas and Skyfall were Champion and first in the low junior classic this morning at Blowing Rock


It’sMe goes Prelim

It's Me (Murphy) and Beth Murphy scores a very respectable 4th place finish in their first Prelim together at Groton Park Horse Trials

Fantastika Utopia scores

Fantastika Uthopia and proud owner Hallie Weegar wins both of her Childresn Jumper classes in Charleston, SC

Murphy for the win

Murphy (It's Me) and Beth Murphy wins Groton House Farm Prelim Phase 2. 

4th Place USHJA end year

Congratulations to Emma Nulman she was USHJA Stirrup cup 15-17 Eq 4th place with Close the deal

Futures prix

Cornetta K and Charlotte Clark places 4th in the Futures Prix at World Equestrian Center in Ohio is February 2019

Amanda and Cornelus qualifies for Pennsylvnia

Amanda and Cornelus qualifies for Pennsylvania after only jumping 3'6" since January and puts in an amazing performance. Super proud.

Top placing from our Top Horse!

Breanna Stehr and “Irana” places 4th  in the $2500 Low Jr/ AO Classic in Wellington

Butterfly has WINGS!!!

Eleanor Thompson and Butterfly flew into second place in the high children’s jumper classic this morning at Blowing Rock

Murphy wins again low score training at Groton House!

It’s Me (Murphy) just won again!! I purchased Murphy a little over a year ago through Helene and he is the most talented horse I have ever owned! - Beth Murphy

Hunter derby Top placings for TopHorses

Amanda Traphagan and her three Tophorses place in the Hunter Derby at Rio Equestrian Center, The first week Lena van t'Reutershof placed second. The following week Amanda rode Lena to a 3rd in the Derby, her own horse Cornelus to a 4th placing and her third ride...

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